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author - A few paragraphs about Don Lubin


Bermuda - A brief discussion of its ferns, especially Diplazium laffanianum

bibliography - some books I would recommend

classes - A schedule of the workshops and field trips I will lead this year, and have before.

conservation status - of each pteridophyte taxon in each of the New England states

credits - a few nods and a lot of photographers

garden - ferns and flowers I grow, birds that visit, fiddlehead emergence data

Introduction to Ferns - A discussion of their place, history, importance, and ways to identify them

keys - step by step directions for identifying the pteridophyte plants of New England

listall - A list of all the pteridophyte taxa, with links to images of each and data for many

projects - some particular things I've been working on

publications - articles and books I co-authored or was acknowledged

SiteList - lists of the pteridophyte taxa I have seen in various locations, and the lists for each state

topics - subjects I wanted to talk about, and two very popular pages

.....NE county map ......parts of a fern

URLs - links to sites I like

what's new - what I've added since you were here last