Why am I interested in ferns?


1. Mom

She liked to garden, if we lived somewhere long enough. Flowers, and ferns, and then mostly wildflowers.

She had 20 fern species going for awhile, in Framingham.


2. fossils

In Illinois, Braidwood/Mazon Creek, elipsoidal shale concretions formed around sticks and fronds and stuff.

 Photogragph of a fossil fern.


3. cute

I like to walk in the woods.

I enjoy meeting ferns enough to learn to address them by their proper names.


4. learnable

There are 69 species of ferns native to New England. Or is it 68. Less than say, grasses. Or insects.

Then there are hybrids, a few subspecies, varieties and forms.

Might as well try to know horsetails and clubmosses too. I haven't really gotten to isoetes yet.


5. I'm good at it now


6. Do you remember in "Close Encounters..." when the guy was making the Devil's Tower out of mashed potatoes? He wasn't quite sure why either.