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name comment
Crocus Come up like clockwork first week of February
Snowdrop Often the first
Scilla Spreading like mad, from seed I guess.
Miniature Iris They're up. Will they bloom this year?  Guess not.
Daffodil The first really elaborate bloom.
Tulip, (orange, yellow) Varied and long-lasting.
Myrtle Periwinkle, or Vinca
Forsythia .
White Lily from Mom's garden
Grape Hyacinth .
Hyacinth I'd better move them out from under the evergrowing spruce.
Guinea Hen Flower Frittillaria   White bells
Bleeding Heart Remarkably cute. Sort of gory if you really think about it.
Cherry (fruit) Sweet cherry in back yard blooms first. Trees by gate have provided beautiful blooms, and a gallon or three of pie cherries for more than two decades now.
violets white, purplish, and a few yellow
Spring Beauty Transplanted from my parents' yard.
Plum Red leaves, pink flowers beautiful against the green wall. No fruit yet.
Plum 2 A little brighter
Azalea So brilliant a red that the pictures don't come out right.
Crabapple Never so lush as this year.
Lilac Beautiful again, to see and to smell.
Lily of the Valley It's really trying to take over three or four areas.
Iris Over a dozen this year! They like that I took out the day lilies. Each bloom lasts 2 days.
Wisteria Lots more flowers than in previous years.
Comfrey High in B12, but tastes fuzzy.
Jack-in-the-Pulpit .Really makes that part of the yard look like wild woods.
Chives And they're nice in salads
Columbine Just lovely. Ornate yet tasteful.
Black Cherry Taller than the house. The birds love it. Good for climbing too.
Geranium modestly purply pink
Peony Blooms too heavy for the stem to support. I never saw a wild one.
Rose Breathteaking, briefly
Honeysuckle Wonderful pervasive aroma
Evening Primrose Yellow blooms
Fever few .
Privet .The illusion of privacy, with understated white blooms.
Onion .Surprisingly dramatic
Day Lily .
Clover .
Mustard .Self-seeding for 30 years; how perennial can you get?
Queen Anne's Lace .Delicate white butterfly bait (or ants)
Helleborine .An orchid, if you look closely
Sunflower .Well, self-seeding rather than perennial
Hosta .
Hydrangea .Big balls of color. Ours are blue.
Mint .Too much to use; a wonderful aroma
Tansy Gangly, but the flowers are cute.
Chrysanthemum .
Toad Lily Exquisite delicate white with purple markings, late when we need flowers again.
Jerusalem Artichoke .Blooms like tiny sunflowers, late. Roots look like ginger, crunch like water chestnut.
Cyclamen .Dramatically beautiful late in the season